Why are Black people Racist towards Each other base on skin Tone i think its stupid they are the same Race?



Not even blacks want to be black


That's mostly in America and that's mainly because back in slavery days, the lightskinned black person had the privledge to be a house n*gro* (who stayed at the slave owners house, and did the easy work) vs the field n*gro who had to work in the plantation under the hot sun and was treated as less simply because they had darker skin compared to the lightskinned ones. They say this is a heriditary trait they've evolved throughout those years and that's why it continues today still. But not only in America, I myself am a lightskinned black person from East Africa born and raised in Europe.. I myself have been hated on by darkskinned blacks from my homeland or not by jealousy and envy simply because i'm handsome and have a lighter skin complexion. Mind you slavery never happend in my homeland so Idk if that hatred is hereditary or not, it could just be simply jealousy which is an emotion you can find anywhere. AND BTW YOU ARE COMPLETLY RIGHT, ITS FREAKING RIDICULOUS. ONE LOVE!


Kind of debunks the idea, that Black people cant be predjudice. That’s right, predjudice. Anyone that bases a persons worth by a group they’ve been put in, is predjudice. So that means every comment on this site that shows predjudice, is most likely a racist as well. If you pre judge every Conservative as being a racist, you are a person that pre judges based on their cover, not the content of their pages. You expect me to believe you do a 180 with people you like, and judge them differently? Predjudice is racism, racism is Prejudice Yes, anyone can be a racist. The worst ones are racist calling people they don’t know a thing about, a racist. I judge people as individuals based on their character. And if a Black, Muslim, Lesbian conservative was moving next door, I couldn’t wait to meet her. I also teach single parent minority children how to repair a/c systems, so they can become independent of government aid. Best way to help a poor person, is to show them a way not to be poor.


just shows...black americans can and will be just as racist as the others in america....BUT like kkk...you cant blame awhole group for the few idiots....