Are sales jobs always this competitive?

I recently got a job in sales and it's crazyyy. We sell hair care and everyone I work with is so competitive. Everytime I customer walks in, I don't even have a chance to go up to them and help them, one of my coworkers beat me to it. And if I get two customers back to back, they're like step aside and clean or something, it's our turn for sales. But they help like 10 people back to back and that's okay? The funny thing is I never make more than them, like they'll say hey you've had too many sales, we only sold like $50 worth of stuff, stand back now. But at the end of the day when we get our numbers, I'm ALWAYS the lowest and all the ones who complained are up top. The past couple days I haven't even reached my goal because after I help one person my coworkers tell me to step aside. Is this normal for a job in sales or are they just manipulating me? It's just hair products for pete's sake. We do get commission on every sale but everyone I work with is married to rich guys and don't even do it for the money, they just want to be #1


Sales, by their nature, can become competitive as individuals want to stand out, make the sales and create a solid, professional reputation for themselves. That your job is commission-based deriving from sales, is going to add to the competitive environment in your workplace. Ultimately, some people simply do not have the stomach for competitive sales so be honest with yourself and decide if this is right for you.


Yes. When people are paid in commission, it's totally dog-eat-dog. People want to be paid more money and are prepared to fight for it!


You need to have a meeting, and include your boss. Stating there should be a better way to handle and split sales. Such as you can get commissions, but all sales commissions will be split equally by all people on the team.


Yes. And you shouldn't believe them when you take another customer, and they pretend you are doing something wrong. They say whatever works to get you to step aside. You're nice, so telling you to take turns works. If you were vain, they might tell you there's a problem with your face or hair, so you'd retreat to a mirror to check it out. To be good in sales is to be good at being a fake person. One of my main goals for my daughter when she was growing up was that she not wind up in sales or married to a salesman. I don't care if they make more money. It's not worth it, because eventually, they get so good at schmoozing people, they just never turn it off and are fake 24 hours a day.