Is this lady crazy to get mad at her daughter for being rude to me, yet she has a foul attitude towards me, as well?



Depends what you were doing. With the of information in your post, no one is going to be able to understand what happened.


nnaybe but at least she didnt let her daughter keep doing that to you


Not necessarily.. I don’t let my children interfere in grown up matters that don’t concern them. We had issues with one of our neighbors a few years back.. My brother caused the drama but she decided to target the entire family with her drama. Her daughter was 15 and outside cussing and calling names with her mother.. It was pretty trailer trash to be honest. My brother retaliated back with his own slur of name calling. The 15 year old suddenly targeted my then 14 year old daughter and proceeded to bully her. My daughter was about to return the favor but I stopped her and told her that WE don’t involve ourselves with others childishness then made her join me inside away from the insanity where I pointed out to her the other girls trashy behavior and does she really want to be seen in the same light. It’s bad enough when grown ups act like fools.. Kids don’t need to be in the middle of it.