Is it wrong to eat sushi with a fork?

Fork is more comfortable for me.

Bent Snowman

paradoxically (because you generally eat this with your hands or chopsticks), using a fork makes you look like some caveman. Would look hilarious


Relax. Do what makes you comfortable.


No - I'm often offered a fork when I go to sushi restaurants, as I'm an older lady and they probably think that I couldn't manage with chopsticks. But I can use them perfectly well, so I always decline the offer. It's not difficult with a little practice!


My heavens. I haven't done that since, let's see, last Friday. You may be dissing someone of Asian ancestry, and if it bothers you, bring home a pack of chopsticks and watch a You Tube tutorial.

Pearl L

i dont think so


The main stay regarding etiquette, is to provide a set of rules who’s purpose is to make dinner guest comfortable. If you are with a group that all use chops sticks, give it a go, for the amusement of the group, and then go to the fork.


lol. I use chopsticks differently from the rest of the population (I was born with improper hand eye coordination). This one time I was chilling out at a Sushi bar, eating it with chopsticks, and the owner came up to me, and literally handed me a fork. LOL! I don't think that is how someone should treat their customers, and it kind of pissed me off at the time, but it makes me laugh now. Anyway, it doesn't really matter.

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You do you, nothing wrong with it!


its fine and there are greater things to worry about