What to do about a roommate who comes in early in the morning and wakes me up?

My friend (roommate) and I have been sharing a room/dorm since August. She knows that I have to be up for work at 6am every other day. Last semester, I talked to her about coming in quietly if she comes in after 12midnight. However, this semester, sometimes she’ll leave our room around 10pm and won’t get back until 2am, and when she comes, she’s loud and wakes me up. The last time she came in at 2am, I couldn’t fall back asleep, and had a crappy day at work. I can’t switch roommates this far into the semester, and talking to her did not work. So, what do I do?


Bring it up to the RA. Have a meeting with the 3 of you. Maybe it can be worked out that way. Or - maybe the RA can help you find new living arrangements. If it is a big school - someone has moved somewhere.


Consult your resident assistant. Roomie needs to learn some manners or get put out. She is out drinking and doping, and it's going to lead to expulsion, soon.


Yes ask for the RA to mediate for you. Fighting fire with Fire usually doesn’t help. But you may need a loud long alarm to wake you at 6am. When your roomie is upset at being woken, tell her since you wake me at 2 am and disturb my sleep. I am afraid I won’t wake up at 6am so I got an louder alarm. Perhaps if you are quiet when you come in at the wee hours I can be quiet when I need to wake up so early

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I suggest talking to her about it again. It sounds like she is drinking and that probably makes her “forget” to be considerate. Next year, pick a different roommate for sure.


talk to your ra about it


There is nothing much you can do with someone so selfish, wear earplugs? then of course you may not hear your alarm to get up,keep telling her, maybe it will sink it eventually, personally the first chance i get i would be out of there.