Are you supposed to tip someone who helps you carry items from a store to your car?

So I am a regular customer at this liquor store that also sells a few groceries. One day, I had bought a bunch of beer and a couple of bottles of liquor. The clerk insisted on helping me to the car because there was no way I could carry all that. I didn’t know if I was supposed to tip or not and now im kind of worried I was supposed to. Its kind of confusing because they know me by name so I didn’t know if it was as a actual friend type favor or just to promote the business.


This kind of situation is very much up to the individual. You were not 'supposed' to tip him, but if the clerk was helping you in a way that he normally doesn't, if would have been nice to give him a tip. But he certainly wouldn't actually expect one.


No, you do not tip for that.

Jimmy C

No you are not.


No one's going to expect a tip from you after you've already payed and put your money away.


There is no official obligation to tip in this situation and ultimately, comes down to personal choice and what was comfortable for you.


No, you do not tip. You just say thank you for helping.


i wouldve


You don't HAVE TO Tip Anyone, But in this case, it may have been nice to.