White woman verbally abusive rightfully ejected from UA flight. Her disrespect an example of white privilege. Yes or no?



Being removed from a flight does not sound like " privilege " to me .


NO. you think being a ***** is a privilege of white women. it is not a privilege, it is more "making a bad reputation for yourself". People should be ashamed of themselves when they are being rude to anyone.


She was thrown off the plane, so no privilege there, lol. They kicked her butt off. And even if the people she insulted were not white, that wouldn't mean much in this case.

Raisin Caine

She was ejected from the flight, so how exactly is this white privilege? I think you leftists just say whatever idiot thing comes into your head to justify idiotic ideas. Seriously, she was being stupid. GUESS WHAT? There are stupid people of every race, religion, gender and creed. Can't wait for the next leftist to come on here and say it was an example of the patriarchy.


If she were black the stewardesses would be vilified


As people of every race have been tossed off of airplanes for verbal abuse this woman's race is likely irrelevant.

Round Square

She sounds like an ignorant person in general. You didnt have include race or gender.


Regarding the specific example of the woman who said "I eat salad", I would say that white privilege has something to do with this, but it wasn't the main factor. I think any white privilege component would be largely unconscious, e.g. she might have felt more emboldened to speak in an insulting way since they were black and probably, in her eyes, more uneducated and inclined to be more rude anyway. I would say that her rude behavior has more to do with her being an assertive and obnoxious person by nature. She would probably be rude as well if the two people were white, but I believe that she would not have been *as* rude, and this would be due in significant part to white privilege.


Sorry, oh twisted brained one,but there is no such thing as "white priveledge".Its an example of liberal media racism and liberal bias and of your own deep seated racism and bias.


No, because she didn't get away with it. "Privilege" means you do get away with it.


whatever---who wants to sit between two obese blacks having the life squished out of you


Rightfully ejected, yes. White privilege, no.


Of course not. The point about 'white privilege' is that it EXEMPTS you from unpleasantness. If she enjoyed 'white privilege' she would be ALLOWED to be offensive, purely because she was white. As that is not at all what happened, but she was actually put off the flight, then clearly 'white privilege' did not apply.


i dont think it has anything to do with race, she was being just plain rude

Bill G

In your ignorance you have shown an example of minority privilege. If a minority woman had been removed, the media would have a field day calling the airline employees racist, whether it had anything to do with race or not. But since she was white, she was removed from the aircraft without being portrayed as a victim by the racist and divisive media. And, as others have stated, how is it a "privilege" to be removed from a flight you paid for?

Kiss Me Kate

maybe--but this also could have been a case of drunk privilege....or stupid *** privilege....or I am wealthy privilege...or I am bi-polar privilege....etc.


I don t think so. She was rude and ignorant. I don t think race had anything to do with it. I think she would have said the same thing regardless of who was sitting next to on the plane.


Of course not. One woman acting like an idiot isn't representative of any thing or anyone.


NO. You haven't a clue what the words you spout actually mean.


Technically, I suppose. I mean it could be argued that she could only afford plane tickets in the first place because, as a white person, she had whatever job she has along with whatever education it took to get said job. But, then again, technically speaking a monkey flinging poop is hilarious until the poop is flung at you.


I didn't hear about anything mentioning the race of the people involved. The woman was talking about eating salad, and she texted or phoned someone to say that her seatmates were fat. It sounded to me like she was fat-shaming rather than being racist. At any rate, she was the one who was tossed from the plane, so any "privilege" she was trying to claim backfired on her. She's just a rude person, regardless of race. End of story.


i want you to **** me


This racist theirs no privilege


Omg really?? ANYONE who is removed from a flight because of their behavior is most assuredly disrespectful of others. I dont care what color they ate and don't require a handy label pasted onto that person.




'I eat salad' has NOTHING to do with any kind of privilege!!!


All white women are verbally abusive

Indigo Shojo

It wasn't about race; it was about her being squeezed between two huge passengers who seemed to be oblivious to her discomfort.


I would say so. Had it been a black man, he would have been shot, or at the minimum tasered.


Because white liberals are losers. They started out as losers and they will always be losers. Absolutely no redeeming qualities come from a white liberal (or any liberal) and never will.