Did I handle this social situation right or not?

So my uncle (Mom's brother) is having a Super Bowl Party. He invited my father as my mother is away. My Dad accepted and my Dad has since invited me. I said sure to my Dad and plan to go. Now it is my uncle's party, not my Dad's. Am I rude to be going when the host did not ask me but a guest did? In my Mom's family etiquette defines ones worth it seems so I want to make sure my etiquette is fine. So I saw the uncle and said "My Dad asked me to join so I said I would, is that okay". He said sure. I am wondering if he only felt forced to say that and was biting his tongue. Also, what do I say if I see the uncle again before hand. Do I repeat, I'll be with my Dad if its still okay? Do I say nothing about it other then see you this weekend? At the end of the party do I say "thanks for having us, hope its okay my Dad asked me to tag along"? I am an adult so not a kid going with Dad so not to be home alone. However, like I said this is my Mom's family and etiquette is everything and being ADHD and as you can tell very anxious I can become socially awkward and have gotten in trouble before in her family though not in 7 or 8 years. Please advise, might ask later in another section also. And yes I do see a shrink about the anxiety. I am a guy, aged 27


I'm sure there's no need to be so awkward with your family. Your dad asked you, your uncle has said OK, so why are you still worrying about it? Forget it, enjoy the party, and of course you should thank your uncle at the end.

The First Dragon

If you are still not sure whether the host is okay with your coming, ask him ONE time, and explain that you don't want to impose if it is inconvenient. If then he says it is okay, it IS okay. It would be good for you to bring something to the party - drinks or food or something - to show that you appreciate it and so you will not be imposing on others. Afterward, thank the host with great pleasure.


Just go with your dad and stop going on about it to your uncle.


Ask your uncle if you can come to the party, it will either be a yes or a no.


your uncle dont nnind if you go so i wouldnt worry about it


First off you didn't say if your male or female. If your male it should not be a problem. If your female and he has a bunch of guys coming planning on cursing and swearing at the referees on screen, then it may be uncomfortable for all the men that can't say what they want now. If your female I would just tell dad that you can't go. If your male just go and enjoy yourself since your family. This should not be a problem and you did ask your uncle and was told fine. If you feel really nervous about it then tell your dad why and he can always speak to your uncle and make sure it's okay......asking your uncle again would be okay too. And yes, say thank you for having us at the end of the party.

Coach Simon

Check with your uncle.