Do you take out the trash when it gets full or when it starts overflowing?

My roommate always lets the trashcan (whether in the bathroom or kitchen) overflow before she takes it out, and that’s one of my biggest pet peeves! Usually, I just take out the trash because I’m sick of seeing it overflow, however, I’m also sick of being the only one taking out the trash. Talking to her about is not going to work (tried it), so how do I get her to take out the trash?


Time to get a new room, or roomate. I take mine out when it is going to be collected or when the trash can indoors is full.


i take it out when its full, nnaybe you need a different roonnnnate


In any home sharing situation, there will always one person who is the least tidy. And the other people either (1) "pick up the slack" and tidy up after this person, or (2) refuse to tidy up after this person, resulting in the everything deteriorating to the level determined by this least tidy person -- that is, everyone lives like a pig rather than clean up messes that aren't their own. So it's up to you whether to continue "taking up the slack" or instead live with the filth.


when it is full so it doesn't stink up the house


Either get separate trash cans, and keep yours in your room. So you never have to take out HERS. OR -- just stop talking out the trash no matter how overflowing it gets. When she realizes that you are stopping taking out the trash, she at some point will do it. But you can not give in and take it out,=. If you do, then your problem will never go away.


You Don't, take it out yourself or let it overflow, your choice.