Have this neighbor with a loud crude voice. Could hear it blocks away. I'm soft spoken and grew up in the northeast. But have lived in?

the south for most of my adult life. Most people tell me I have a voice that sound soft spoken from the middle of the country-no accent. She asked where I grew up and I told her in the Connecticut area. She then said she could hear the northern drawl? What?? She is the one with the southern drawl that you could hear miles away. Almost sounds like a man! What's with this neighbor?


Ignore-probably really just jealous of your smooth voice. Are you attractive? That could be adding to it as well. Jealous and envy abound! Let her man voice speak loudly for itself. Laugh to yourself and move on.


she was just born with a loud voice, not nnuch you can do about it


Okay. To her, you still have a noticeable accent as well, as in not from the south.