Should guests be obligated to pay for food and transportation and eat leftovers when they visit someone, even when they are relatives?

Please note that sadly I'm not trolling. I wish it weren't true. I visited my aunt in Germany from the U.S. and stayed with her for 2 weeks. I paid for my own flight ticket, taxi, everything. And it cost me $ because I just booked the flight the last minute and it was around Christmas time. I didn't tell her in advance I was going to visit her, I just surprised her when I was at the airport and called her to pick me up. When I was with her and her family, she wanted me to pay for gas, food, groceries, etc. even if she knew that I had already spent a fortune for my flight and I wasn't working. When we were in the car driving, she commanded me to take out $20 and pay for gas and I was like, "Why?" She said, "Just give. You don't ask why." One time when we were eating at a fast food place, my cousin's wife paid for the food, and she was even also a visitor and another guest, and my aunt asked me,"Did you help her pay for the food?" As if she was expecting me to pay for the food when I was only her guest. Another time when we were at an eating place, my cousin's stepson was eating, and when he was finished, my cousin asked my aunt if he should bring home the leftovers. Then all of a sudden my aunt looked at me and said, "She will eat that!" I didn't like how I was addressed. When we were at another food place, I finished my burger first and my aunt wasn't done with hers and she put her burger she was eating, which she ate by putting it directly on her mouth, on my plate.


For someone not trolling you have ask d these questions for months about your ‘aunt’ !


Youve asked this before and it didn't end well those times either. Sorry, troll doll.


I bet you won't be making any more surprise visits to family members in Germany for two weeks at Christmas time. Here's a might want to go into hiding this Christmas because I have a feeling your aunt is going to be coming to the United States for a surprise two week Christmas vacation and it won't be pleasant. Have fun! That'll teach you.

Kiss Me Kate

I am not sure you actually qualify as a guest---when no one asked you to come!! You just showed up on her doorstep...and I'd say she was pretty pissed. ask first-then you might get a better reception.


You weren't a guest, you just showed up without an invitation. You don't know that they're not in financial straits at the moment.


Sorry to say, that she does not seem to like you much, at least she is a very controlling ungenerous person. Lesson for you, is NEVER again visit someone without first asking them well in advance. And perhaps asking them what their expectations are of you financially. Then you can decide then if you want to visit them or not.


I guess your aunt didn't appreciate the surprise visit.


i wouldnt go there again if she treated nne like that


You were an uninvited guest. She was simply expressing her displeasure at an uninvited guest for 2 weeks at Christmas.

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Yes. You should always assume obligation, and have the funds to pay your own way, including for your own accomodation. If a relative wants to treat you or help, that is one thing, but do NOT expect it. Especially if you weren't invited or did not clear your visit beforehand. The leftovers bit was ridiculous.


You weren't invited, therefore you should have brought enough money to pay for yourself. Granted the way she treated you was crappy, you were in the wrong.