My coworker does not stop talking?

My coworker works closely with me and does not. stop. talking. I've never seen her quiet for more than a minute, she's constantly talking about her love life, personal problems, her political views, basically everything. And here's the annoying part, she follows me everywhere! She's like glued to my arm, I'll go around the corner to get something and she's right next to me following me while talking about something. I'll try to clean something or organize something and she's following me around while in doing this just talking. She's said to me that she doesn't have an friends and doesn't have any one to talk to, but she shouldn't be doing all of this at work. I've hinted to her that I'm annoyed from her talking by not saying anything back or just being like "uh huh" or "mkay" But she doesn't get the hint. I've mentioned to my manager that she follows me around and my manager isn't really a problem solver, she just says she'll talk to her and give her chores to do but she never does. Right now where we work, it's slow so we don't have a lot of customers so that's why she's talking so much to me, but there's always stuff to do. I clean when it's slow, she just stands around and talks. I've been thinking of how to politely mention to my coworker to stop throwing talking but I don't want to come off as mean because she's very sensitive and I feel like whatever I say, she'll be offended. Any advice?


Offend her. Be straight forward and honest with her before you lash out in anger and really hurt her feelings.

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As you said, it doesn't matter what you do she'll just get her feeling hurt anyway. I'd rather her get hurt feelings than you being hurt from getting fired. I'd say something like, I've been noticing that i'm not getting the work done that I usually can hammer out because i'm being distracted with talking. I'm sorry hun but I just don't have time to talk to you while i'm on the clock.


I'm afraid @marty is right. If you let this go on too long, the time will come when you'll just blow up and shout at her. Be crisp and cool and very clear: "Annie, I like you, but you really can't keep talking to me all the time, or follow me around. Please stop it." Then walk away at once.


Sorry, but you will have to be a little more clear and firm with her. State to her, that you don't have much time to listen or talk with her during work hours, that you have to focus on your work and the customers. But you would be glad to listen and talk during lunch time.

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nnaybe you can try following her around and see how she likes it, she nnight get the nnessage