Is it rude to comment on a customers groceries?

I work as a cashier at a local grocery store. Some guy came through with a few things. One was cheese, cookies and some other stuff. I then commented "Mmm cookies and cheese" my favorite. The guy then gave me a dirty look.


If you were commenting on him buying tampons for the lady of the house, I'd say it was rude, but in this case it was more like friendly humor. Guy's probably just a d-bag.


No, it isn't. I like a friendly cashier. One cashier commented that I bought the biggest eggplant in the store so I asked him if I get a prize for finding it, the other customers were hysterically laughing!


It can be rude, but I honestly don't see anything to complain about in this simple, friendly remark. So many people post on here about how other people give them dirty or hateful looks. I'm quite sure that many of these looks are in the imagination of the people posting. Most people have neither the interest nor the energy to give 'hateful' looks to other people; most likely they were just thinking about when their next break would be, or worrying about their sick dog.


I enjoy a friendly cashier. I think your comment was just trying to be nice. His wife probably didn't give him any that morning and he took it out on you. Don't worry about it.

Jimmy C

It is not rude at all. Some customers are rude and unfreindly. I like a cashier who makes the effort to chat.


Your comment was just fine.


Depends on the comment. One cashier was commenting to me about an item I was buying; I should have gotten something else. That's where you need to keep your comments to yourself.


it depends if you were saying it in a mocking way or not


Everyone is ******* touchy these days. Just for that, I’m going to comment on people’s groceries. How about T H A T .


A little chat is fine, but perhaps it's best not to comment on what they're buying. Maybe he was supposed to be on a diet and was secretly cheating and felt guilty for doing so? Who knows? But keep your chat to neutral things like the weather or something. It's safer!


yes, i think so


It's rude to comment on a customer's groceries if the comment can be taken to mean the customer is making a poor choice. In my opinion, your comment wasn't rude at all.


Of course it's rude! It might be okay if you are trying to spark up a conversation with the mentioned customer and the item is just an excuse for it. It sounds more like you were just voicing your thoughts that you should have kept to yourself.


You had no business to comment on his purchases, next time say nothing, just thank you as you give him his change.


Yes it is.