Am I wrong to quit my job?

so this morning I left for work 30 mins early to be there on time due to the bad weather conditions, with all the ice and everything, I ended up being late.... 23 mins late... On my way i told my coworker, AND called the store to let him know... I got absolutely NO answer. I walk into work 23 mins late and my boss blows up... screaming things like "You empty headed ungrateful punk" and "What are you a moron?"... In front of my coworkers!! I apologized and said it would NEVER happen again. I worked for this man for a little over 8 months and never not once called in sick or came in late. Always on time and presentable. I m a VERY responsible person.... he then goes "I don t want your apologies. Never mess with me." I mean I never, in my life heard a boss talk this way. I go to work AND I m a full time college student... and I ve never been late! I have a ton of hours in overtime! I apologized and made sure it would never happened again! But he continued to scream... and I asked him to take it into his office, which made him scream more. I m done with this place. Am I wrong to quit? I ve never quit a job before. I m not that kind of person. it's a tiny company, so there's no Human resources. I'm just going to quit without a 2 weeks notice. I understand that's irresponsible, but I'm not going to be treated like that. I did everything right. I called the store on my way and got no answer...


I think you're doing the right thing. In bad weather (I'm in Chicago, so I know bad weather), employers must make some allowances. This person has behaved extremely unreasonably in the circumstances. Find another job.


Never make a life changing decision while you are angry. Sleep on it. Let 24 hours pass. Next - you have a talk with your boss or hr when things are calm. You show your attempts to call. And frankly - nicely - but firmly - you let your boss know to please never treated like this again. If he has things to say - he should do it privately. At the very least - both of you will have had a chance to calm down. Your boss may come around and apologize and the two of you may work it out. It may not have been really you he was angry it - maybe there is something else going on in his life and he took it out on you. But if your boss digs in and things get worse - put in your two weeks. Line up a job first. You need the job as a reference - you’ve been there 8 months. You can’t just walk out or he can bad mouth you all he wants. Give a 2 week notice.

Justin Guzman

Find another one.


NO. When you are going to be late - CALL YOUR BOSS only!!!


You didn't sign up to be abused. Send a letter of resignation to the regional manager, or whoever your boss reports to. Tell him you are resigning because the single late report of your employment resulted in an over reaction that personally degraded you,


I would not have apologized. I would have told him, cool off or I am walking out the door. Your call. This would have been an opportunity to soothe inflamed tempers, but if that didn't work, I'd tell him to shove it


I live in NE Ohio. We get lots of bad weather- especially in the winter. Most employers understand that traveling to work is sometimes treacherous and dangerous. Take your time and get there in one piece. Since you called ahead and said you were on your way, that should have been enough for your boss. I'm sorry you were chewed out in front of your coworkers. I don't blame you for wanting to quit. Find a new job first before you do, though. So, when you turn in your notice, you can walk out with your head held high.


Absolutely not. No employee should be treated like that. 8 months is nothing. Don’t even mention it on your next job app. Fock the a.hole boss. Good luck to you. You’ll be fine.


No. Your boss is an utter jerk if that's how he behaved.


No! You don't deserve to be treated this way.


I'd get another job first and then quit without giving notice. Your boss sounds like a monster, so you probably shouldn't list him on your resume. If you need this job as a reference, then find a new job, be professional, and give 2 weeks notice.


No I don't think quitting is a bad decision, the way he talked to you is crazy. And it's not like you didn't try to be there, you called and your boss should realize the weather is bad, I'm sure he drove in it too. Props to you for putting your foot down, if you continue working for this guy, you'll be miserable. I hope everything works out for you!!


i dont think so but nnaybe you shouldve turned hinn in and let hinn be the one to quit


you can quit..but i would hope that you quit the right way..YOu tell this ************ exactly what you think of him and his lousy attitude...tell him he will never make it because he cant keep a competetant staff on duty because of his poor management skills......but no, think this guy can stop you from getting a later job and so you will kiss his ***.....lame


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