Why do people always say I look nervous or scared?

I'm very shy, and when I'm in public, I can't seem to put my shoulders down. I always notice my shoulders are always up when I always have to put them down.


Why ask the question, when you already know the answer? The question you ought to ask is 'How can I relax my shoulders?' Simply, be more conscious of your breathing.


Figure out why you are so tense, and try to relax.

Kiss Me Kate

well--you answered your own question--your shoulders are up by your ears!! lol..and I am guessing your eyebrows go up when the shoulders do. so do a "check" every hour or so--do a deep breathing exercise--roll your shoulders to loosen them and lower those eyebrows---slow your breathing and after awhile it will be second nature.


I had that shoulder issue for a long time.. My physical therapist told me to be conscious of my shoulders. It took a while, but i finally am able to relax them (most of the time) now. It takes practice!