Should I reschedule my appointment?

I had a doctor's appointment for 10:30 am today and it's going for 11:30 and they are still not calling me in. I have to get ready for work soon. Can I just walk out? Or should I tell the receptionist?


Tell the receptionist how long you've been waiting. Don't leave before scheduling another appointment.


Tell her you have to leave, and will call to reschedule another day.


tell them


You should go up to the receptionist and say, 'I'm sorry, I realise it's not always possible to give precise timings, but my appointment was for an hour ago and if I wait much longer I'm going to be late for work'. Wait and see what she says, before re-scheduling.




Tell the person at the front desk that you have been waiting an hour and can't wait any longer because you need to get to work. Then they can't charge you for no-show (many doctors now do that), and reschedule when you can devote a few hour just for a doctor visit (you might have to take time off from work for it).


Tell the receptionist, definitely. You should have said something after the first 20 or 30 minutes to be honest.


Just go and tell the receptionist that you have been there an hour past your appointment time and you must leave to go to work. She should reschedule you with no problem.


I wish we could give them a bill for OUR time like they charge us when we cancel to close to the appointment. Tell the receptionist.


Next time you have an appointment with a dr, ask if the dr is running on time when you check in. == A doc I go to has a board at reception, showing the doctors, and whether they are running on time, or running late. If they are running late, the board will also show HOW late. If a few minutes , no problem. One time I was told the dr was called for an emergency and I could either wait or reschedule. I love this doctor. He respects my time as much as I respect his


Tell the receptionist


you made an appointment...what else can you do...cant reschedule because the same thing will always happen every time


i would just reschedule it