When someone says they’re sorry after yelling at you, do you say “you better be sorry “ as I ALWAYS do?





no cause two wrongs dont nnake it right, i wouldnt hang out with anyone that was yelling at nne

Bent Snowman

Because you are weak, people see you as someone they can step on and yell at. Because you're weak, you feel a need to convince them you actually aren't by reminding them that you have some "fight" in you or something. This isn't convincing. Everyone knows you're weak. If you were actually strong, people wouldn't take advantage of you like that, they wouldn't see you as someone they can yell at, they wouldn't even try. If you were actually strong you would not need to remind people you are, they'd already know. You are a fraud. With dedicated effort, you may be able to grow strong like me someday. Probably not, but anything is possible.