If Democrats elected the wrong candidate I bet Donald Trump more likely get reelected who agree or diss agree?



Where exactly did you learn English? It's horrible...


The only Democrat he can beat is a dead one.

Tuck Frump

The candidates the Democrats have now are very strong. So that's not gonna happen bro!


Candidates are nominated by their respective parties in the US. They are then elected or not elected by a vote of the people. If you cannot get this basic fact right why should we put any credence to anything else in your badly worded and misspelled question?


Trump barely won before Many who voted for him regret it He's angered farmers and thousands of government employees. And many other people. We've seen record turn outs at protests. He's had record low approval ratings. The blue wave hit so hard cons lied about it. At this point Pee Wee Herman could beat Trump

Dogstar Ascendant

If A happens to make B more likely then I think B is more likely to happen. Who is with me on this?


ha....no...Democrats could choose a melon and Trump could definitely not win


I disagree (not diss agree)

Atheist Dude

Depends on how the polls are.


the more dem candidates there are, the more fragmented the dem vote will be .........................

Karen L

Trump will be re-elected. Every Democrat is the wrong candidate.