Is Kamala Harris the great Leftist hope of the democrats going into 2020? Will Howard Schultz running as a centrist independent sink her?


The Game

another big loss for the democrats

Alvin Colmes

Willie Brown's girlfriend doesn't play outside of Kalifornia. LOL


she literally has no shot.


Check back in a year when the real election starts


If Shultz runs, Trump will be reelected. That's why Trump trolled him on Twitter. He wants him to run.


no and no


No she isn't.


She will lose


I don't know about "the greatest hope" but she's far more knowledgeable and she knows how to communicate 100 times better than the child in chief.


She is running in hope of a cabinet position from her endorsement. Did you just start following politics?

Sunday Crone

No, she is in a Jr. Congressman and has little to no experience in National Politics, or leadership, as we have seen with Trump/


No. Too soon. Many more Americans to come. Why don’t you run?

Armchair Goddess #1

You might be underestimating the wisdom of the American people on this one, Doc A...or at least most of us hope so. Of course, it really is too soon to make any for or against arguments for the 2020 election cycle, but I was very impressed by the wisdom and strength of Senator Kamala Harris's campaign announcement. Her message was honed and unifying, I thought. What I do worry about is having too many Democratic Senators jump into the race, because we have a real chance to take the majority in the Senate in 2020, and I'd like to keep the effective ones instead of having them leave to run for President. I actually think the Senate is the most powerful place to be of all the branches of our equal-branch government, even though being a Senator may not get a person into the limelight the way a presidential campaign does. Let's be patient and hear what the various candidates have to say in terms of policy proposals and such. I am not impressed with the multi-billionaire Starbucks owner Howard Schultz---I am suspicious of his motives and believe he might be exactly what the young protestor in NYC called him: "an arrogant billionaire a**hole" (or angry words to this effect). Look into his background and see if any Koch brother domestic terrorist anti-government dollars are in play.