Ramadan: Why do rich and previllaged people always end up indulging of pedophilia?

So many kings leaders politicians and so called religious leaders of all religions. Ex Gandhi who claimed to only slept with his little niece to test his strength of resisting temptation.


There's no such thing as "indulging OF." Anything. There's no "previllaged" either.


You mean 'privileged'. And you are very mistaken. LOTS of rich and privileged people never think of abusing a child. Pedophilia is not connected to any particular level of society.


Prophet is the best example! Whenever we muslims have doubts in our minds we examine the best example of mankind!


prophet used to go around during days and nights round and round to test his strength of thirty men edit Aisha was nine -sahih albukari & sahih almuslim both testify it therefore she was.


muhamed (pubg) was not rich , he was illiterate


Because men are so naturally ugly, they are drawn towards young and beautiful females, the ones with money can get away with it, so they do it, the poor cant, so they resist it.