Valentine's day problems ???? Please help:)?

So anyway it it going to be valentine's day in like 2 weeks or a little more but I am worried about how it will go with my girlfriend. I have been dating this girl since nov 2017 and we did not celebrate valentines day in 2018 because she was busy. I am worried she will want to spend it together this year but I am not at all a romantic guy. You can ask anyone I think valentines day is dumb and full of kissing and other gross stuff. i am not into it at all. how do I tell my girlfriend this if she wants to spend it together? I dont think kids our age should celebrate valentines day as a couple but i dont want to hurt her feelings either. and just to show you how UN romantic i am, last year i bought a box of chocolates for myself and ate them while playing black ops 2 on my xbox. Im 18 dont judge me

Orla C

If kissing is 'gross', why do you have a girlfriend? Kids your age shouldn't even be thinking in terms of boyfriend and girlfriend, just friends, classmates and homework buddies.




get her a vibrater with extra batterys


u is self centered,cheap and bitter.celebrate love. You should appreciate it .hopefully she wakes up and find a guy who values her on this special day... it's an important time for couples to demonstrate their affection..I have learned from experience that most guys who say 'I don't do Valentine's Day' are either not ready to be in a serious relationship with you OR don't want to spend a penny with you."Valentine's doesn't have to mean spending a ton of money. It's literally just a day to show the people you love that you care. What the f--k could possibly be wrong with that? A card. A plate of cookies. A walk on the beach. A pillow fort. All of these are acceptable Valentine's Day gifts.