Women what are you getting your boyfriends for Valentines day. Men what do you want for Valentines day as a gift?

This will be me and my boyfriends 1st Valentines day and idk what to get him. I'm freaking out and need help. I was thinking an electric shaver kit, chocolate, and a card. PLEASE HELP! Thanks. So far people are saying no the the shaver and idk wht else to do


I am solo this Valentine's Day. The shaver kit is practical and useful. Maybe get him a nice aftershave lotion to go with it or men's cologne.


I’ll be alone thank you very much


If this is a sincere relationship, it's not about what present, but what part of your personal self you can share. This is not about sex. What childhood dinner was most important to you. What blessings and prayers most identified your parent's caring for each other. What promises exemplify your promises to each other. Swerve away from the present lane, and look to your promises and commitment to each other.