Is an electric shaver kit a good valentines gift for a boyfriend. PLEASE HELP?

It's our first Valentines day as a couple...we've been friends for a while. We are in our mid 20's. He's not very sentimental. He likes sports, techy stuff. He expressed after christmas that he needed a shaver but forgot to ask for it. So MY PLAN was to buy an electric shaver kit, get chocolate and write him a lovey/sentimental card. Is this a good idea??? I don't want to mess this up.


absolutely not. horrible gift. is he getting you anything, btw? because you said he's not very sentimental. so good luck being the only one to put effort into anything.


Give him whatever gift you think he will appreciate or needs. The card and the chocolate takes care of the romantic side of Valentines Day...the electric shaver is a practical gift that he can get some good use out of.


It's kind of utilitarian .I 'm just a man, but I think he would like it, if he doesn't have one already.,


Are you also planning on shaving him, wherever he needs to be trimmed up?