What’s the “mistletoe” thing mean during Christmas?

What happens when you’re under a mistletoe?? Is it bad luck or good luck?


Mistletoe “came from the Druids in England who used it in strange worship relating to demonic and occult powers.” Ancient peoples thought that certain evergreen plants like the mistletoe and holly had great magical powers. They decorated their houses with these to ward off evil spirits and witches. This practice developed into the Christmas decorations.


don't really know but my ucle always wanted a mistletoe belt buckle for his birthday?


Mistletoe is the English common name for most obligate hemiparasitic plants in the order Santalales. They are attached to their host tree or shrub by a structure called the haustorium, through which they extract water and nutrients from the host plant.


If someone's with you under it, you're meant to kiss.


its an old tradition way back in England as far back as when and the Druids its to ward off evil and has been adapted to Christian celebrations