So I've been dating this guy for a good 4 months and i have no clue what to get him for Valentine's day, any suggestions?



Keep it simple ( 4 months ) is not really that long of a time to go over board with expensive gifts. ) Get him a cute Valentine's Day coffee mug and fill it up with Hersey Kisses. And a Valentine's Day balloon. Or a coupe of CDs of his favorite music groups.


slippers,sports cap or tshire..homemade meal and frame... A cool bottle of his favorite booze, a Netflix gift card, or a book ..his favorite music cd......of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without candy, and chocolate bars are definitely dude-friendly..... Gift Card, NETFLIX; ...4 mnths..This is the perfect time to get him a quirky gift, such as beard balm, or something practical like a nice shirt. can never go wrong with a Fire TV Stick so you can watch all your favorite shows together.... Flannel Shirt, ....A new wallet or a bottle of cologne are other tasteful, classic gift ideas......Maybe give a gift you both can enjoy like tickets to a game or a concert, or an overnight stay at a hotel with room service breakfast in bed. Or maybe it’s time to update some of his accessories like a pair of headphones or a watch, which also make great gifts........hope this helps..........


Give him some air


Make him a sandwich give him some pussy, if your of age. If not, a simple card or some candy will do.