What are you getting your husband, fiancé, boyfriend for valentines day?

Im having trouble thinking of a gift for my fiancé. Also his birthday (and mine yes we have the same birthday just a year apart) is the Feb 15th, the day after valentines day. Any ideas on what to get him? He will be 27 years old. Im not good at gift ideas for men :/


Kingdom Hearts 3! He'll love you 4-ever!


slippers,sexy boxers.bj and romantic meal and desert......it’s always nice to spend quality time with your partner and create lasting memories. ....Elevate your man’s sock and underwear drawer with some high-quality items–it may not seem like a super fun gift but trust us, he’ll be thanking you for the upgrade. .electric toothbrush....A voiceprint.....A drone....this Valentine's Day, ladies should be encouraged to spend the day preparing something special for their husbands or boyfriends ....While a beautiful Valentine's gift certainly won't go unnoticed for your man this year, he wants something from you that's much more important than jewelry, and it's something that money can't buy: He wants your respect....Why not turn the tables this year and prepare a Valentine's Day Feast for your husband or boyfriend?...cater to his tastes.... Lobster makes an amazing Valentine's treat if you have the stomach to cook it, but there are other wonderful romantic options, including Salmon or shrimp............Try a gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment. Plan a day out together doing something he enjoys (like a ballgame, a round of golf together, or bowling).


The tradition for Valentine's Day is for the man to present his sweetheart with flowers and/or beautifully wrapped chocolates, or to send her an anonymous card. I suppose you could do the same in return. Fluffy romance is the point, not unusual gifts, which you can give him for his birthday.