What idea's do you have for this years Valentine's Day?



dinner and Valentine's Day cocktails. This is your opportunity to work on building your intimacy and passion together, which will help solidify your connection.Let your gushy heart be your guide and go all out on the romantic gestures, starting with flowers.pick something secluded a few hours from your home city. Getting out of your normal routine will bring some of that gotta-have-you kind of sex that’s undeniable.should cook dinner at home. Then, focus on making the evening all about her. Whether that involves drawing a bubble bath for two, giving a hot oil massage, or gifting her a new, sexy bathrobe, the more comfortable and loved she feels, the more likely she’ll be to explore things with you. When it’s time to have sex, take your time going down on her. By initiating oral sex and making sure she is warmed up and ready to go, you’ll make the sex hotter. From here, suggest a new position you want to try, or bring out a toy you’ve purchased. She’ll be impressed by your bedroom efforts.role play,toys,porn,dirty talking


nothing. maybe I'll get back to you, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing.