What should I get my wife for Valentines Day ?

It's our first one together we have a daughter who's a month old. My wife has everything a woman can want I mean everything. What should I get for her ?


You said the she has everything. Take a look at these ideas at https://bestvalentinegifts.ca/ for an inspiration. You can also gift her an experience, something that she has never did or go together in a spa hotel. Choose or do something that she will never forget.




What kind of a woman is she? Does she believe in pampering herself and taking a break from baby or is she glued to the baby and afraid to leave her alone for a minute? Does she devote all her money to getting something for baby while neglecting herself? Neither personality is wrong. It’s important to take time for oneself but I ask this because being a mom myself and having everything I need, my focus is 100% on my kids happiness. I don’t take time for myself and haven’t in 19 years. This would drive most anyone else insane but I LIKE my routine. If your wife is all about baby, she may want something for baby. Since baby is only a month old, she may not be willing to leave her side. You say she has everything? Get her a book.. I love you forever, I like you for always. Trust me.. It makes moms cry. And find a stuffed animal holding a baby animal. Write her and your daughter a beautiful letter. Start a tradition. Then take a photo of your girls together.