Will Nike bend over and submit to islam by taking that shoe off the market because the logo looks like "allah" when you turn it upside-down?



I could not care less what Nike does. I would advice everyone including Muslims to stop buying these stupid overpriced brands. They don’t even use 100% cotton. It’s polyester. If the western world want to be materialistic and worship brands then let them. I hope the world doesn’t fall for it too.


Of course. To do otherwise would be islamophobic and there might be demonstrations and riots in the streets around the middle east, gulf, north africa and parts of south and east asia.


Yeah sure why not

Jimmy C

I really hope not. It is absurd how muslims try to inflict their ways on the res tof us.


I hope they dont.. im a muslim and I think its stupid that people (some muslims) are saying this.. its down right rediculous..


Yes you are right we should avoid to use it.