Would it be too soon to ask her out?

I’m friends with this girl that somewhat recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years. I don’t know much about it other than it was over two months ago, it was messy, and it’s for sure over. Since then her and I have been spending a lot of time together. We know each other from school and friends so it’s different now that it’s just us two together. We’ve talked about things and it’s been us mostly getting to know each other more than just “friends of friends”. Our most recent hang out was at a school basketball game and dinner after. To date she hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend and she hasn’t invited anyone else to our hangouts. I’ve avoided doing anything because I’m still not sure if she likes me or if it’s too soon. Is it? We have Valentine’s Day coming up and I’m really unsure of what to next. Help.


Ask her if she'd like to go and see a movie with you on Valentine's Day. Let her pick the movie. Give her a pink rose. And a funny Valentine's Day card. This way you are letting her know you are interested but not going over board. The fact that she is not talking about the guy that broke up with her is a good sign.Also that she went with you to a basketball game and dinner with you shows she cares enough about you to spend some time with you, so that is a good thing in your favor.


man up,just ask her out,u snooze u lose,women wanna be pursued,chased.The magic words that leave no room for misunderstanding: “I’d like to take you out.” If she knows you’re asking for a date, she’ll have the chance to let you know//u snooze u lose.women like confidence// when you're comfortable enough tell her your feelings if you still have them at that time. this should happen naturally.


I have no experience in this area. I have never asked a girl out before. I have never dated or been in a relationship. I am happily single.