How do i get a fever?.?

im swedish and we have this thing called friluftsdag, basically translate into free air day. its when we do outside activity, but because it winter the only thing we do is ice skating. so i wanna skip that day. so please tell me how i can get a fever


Just put your head under the pillow [sideways] for about five minutes before Mama comes in with the thermometer. Works every time.


Just have a migraine instead. Lot easier to fake. Plus, it gives you an excellent reason to wear sunglasses indoors


Take a cold bath with ice


You don't have to have a fever. Just decide you're not going to participate in "friluftsdag", and stay home. No one can make you go, child.


Visit your local hospital isolation ward.. all sorts of infection's in there.


Fever is caused when you get infected by an illness. In order to get a fever, you need to have a weakened body so that viruses or bacterias out there can make you feel ill. One way to do this is to weaken your body through self-starvation, tiring your body, and exposing yourself intro extreme temperatures. So, only eat one meal and only drink one cup of water in a day. Do a lot of heavy or physical work. Since it's Sweden, I expect the temperature to be at least below freezing, so go outside and stay there for hours with light clothing. Or, get an ice bath, as in a tub full of water and ice, then stick your head in that ice bath. After doing all these steps and you still haven't gotten a fever, find someone who has the flu and let them sneeze at you. If you don't want to actually get sick and just want to "fake" having a fever, you need to somehow raise your body temperature to make it look like you have a fever. Have a hot shower. Get a hot towel and put it your face. Eat hot food; perhaps spicy food. If you use thermometers to check your temperature, put the end of the thermometer in hot water and watch the temperature go up. If you don't want to do this, you can try cutting cloves of garlic and putting them in your armpit.


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