Is Russian an easy language for English speakers to learn? Is its grammer something complicated like Latin or Greek?



Russian is hard for native English speakers. First the words are with Slavic roots, in English many words are with Greek and Latin roots. Second-the sentences have a different structure what could be very complicated for learners. And grammar is heavy inflected with genders and cases. The alphabet is not a problem, I had a 12 years private student, who learned the alphabet just within 2 hours. But reading could be hard, for example "o" in some cases is pronounce "a" and many others.


In terms of inflections (the endings of nouns and verbs) Russian is every bit as complicated as Latin and Greek. However the past tenses of verbs are much easier. People will warn you about the different alphabet, but you can learn it thoroughly within a week.


no to the first question, yes to the second Russian is a "fully inflected" language with cases and genders. Learning is is supposed to take an anglo "1100 hours of class". That's 7 times as much as Esperanto, or half as much as Korean, Japanese or Chinese

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Russian is rather impenetrable.