What is the difference between could and would? And how do we use the in subjunctive mood help please I have a grammar test tomorrow?



We use the subjunctive by paying attention in class and doing the work in advance, instead of waiting until the day before a test to "study".


God help you ..so be it ..funny you should say that ...let there be light ..as it were .. are all idiomatic subjunctive uses of the English subjunctive, but there are no formal rules, unlike the Latin languages. Subjunctive expresses desire, possibility, risk etc of an action rather than a concrete certainty.


would is a conditional

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"Could" shows the potential ability to do something "Would" shows the willingness or the likelihood. Look up "condition contrary to fact."


When the subjunctive mood is used in the subordinate clause, "could" in the main clause conveys possibility, whereas "would" is conditionally indicative (i.e., If the condition is met, then it will happen rather than merely possibly happen.). Examples: * If I were to get a dollar, then I could by some gum. In the above example, the subordinate "if" clause employs "were" in the subjunctive mood, so saying "could" in the main "then" clause conveys that I may buy gum. It's not certain, but it's a possibility. * If I were to get a dollar, then I would by some gum. In the above example, saying "would" instead of "could" means that upon the fulfillment of the condition that I get a dollar, I definitely will buy gum rather than it merely being a possibility.


“Would” and “could” are the past tense of the words “will” and “can.” “Would” and “could” are used for representing the past tense as well as in the present tense to express a request.