If someone got murdered or went through a traumatic experience in a previous life somewhere is there any danger in returning there?

For any reason. I kind of am figuring out where this might be at random cause I came across a location and had a strong both positive and negative reaction to it. I got this confirmed by another person who is familiar with this long story she doesnt think I should investigate any further. I mean I know from my dream of this incident it was close to a somewhat major city (fits the location) had a lake or beach near it and a park there is one from research of this place. It looks similar in a way to the vision and most of all the energy of the place is very close to the exact same as what I was sensing I can probably figure out where this park is just by the energy Is there any danger in this for me my friend refuses to go there with me and didnt like the place at all for some reason and shes psychic

Obi Wan Knievel

I'm guessing you believe in reincarnation. No reason, just a wild guess. But since that isn't what you asked... No, there's no danger in returning there. Because who the hell would ever know it's you in reincarnated form, that's why. Why would your previous-life-killer stick around there after killing you, and how would they possibly know you're the reincarnation of who they killed all those years ago? Seriously, your question has more what-ifs and just-becauses in it than a Hollywood reboot of a Hollywood reboot.


No-one has a past life - or a future life. That's all just silly superstition. Psychics aren't real either. Reacting to places may be believable, as I've felt it myself. Maybe if very strong emotions have been experienced there, the emotion can stay - like an echo or something. But it's nothing to be afraid of - it's just an echo from the past and your over-active imagination.


Lmfao are you serious? Past life? This is the only life you will ever have. Stop worrying about nonsense.