Is the Native American zodiac real or made up?

My mom and I are of Creek Indian descent. I am also Maya through my dad's side of the family. Recently she started showing me this Native American zodiac thing, which I am very skeptical of because it doesn't seem to align with any specific people's traditions and says nothing about it's actual basis. Some of it seems really anachronistic as well. All I could really find about its origin was that it appears to be created by an Ojibwe man named Vincent LaDuke, who reinvented himself as a New Age spiritual leader under the name Sun Bear in the 1980s. Other than that, I really can't trace any connections to any specific Native American culture, and it doesn't really seem to have much to do with Ojibwe beliefs either. Is there something I'm missing here?


"Native American" is an extremely broad term, covering the indigenous people of two continents, all of whom had and have a wide range of beliefs about religion and the supernatural. The Creek and Maya have different beliefs the developed of centuries and separated by hundreds of miles. Any system that claims to be "universally Native American" is either fake or cobbled together from a mix of indigenous beliefs into some form that no Native American elder or medicine man would recognize. Look into Creek and Maya beliefs about astrology if you're interested in your heritage.

Obi Wan Knievel

Of course it's made up. Every zodiac thing is made up out of thin air, so why would the Native American version be any different? Yes there is something you're missing here, and that thing is the fact that there never was a "Native American" culture. They were never one group, at least not until the Europeans showed up and took all their land from them. They were a whole bunch of different nations, with each nation containing vastly different tribes and bands, each with their own culture. The Cherokee lived a very different life than the Oneida, and neither of them lived anything like the Inuit, whose lives were totally different than the Maya. Indigenous people lived according to their natural surroundings, and they had really lousy internet speed back in those days. They couldn't possibly all have the same culture and folklore.