Is the mirror game real? any experiences?

i was on the creepypasta website and saw a ritual called “the mirror game” and you look at yourself in the mirror for awhile and you get a wish granted or something like that. im a bit skeptical about this but i still need to be clarified

Obi Wan Knievel

You were on the creepypasta website, but you didn't read all the rules for submission. Go look them up if you want, they're not a secret or anything. One of their rules states, in plain terms, that they only publish original fiction. It can be influenced by another story or author, but it has to be fiction. They don't publish historical accounts, documentaries, personal testimony, scientific reports or news stories. Only fiction, no exceptions. That should answer your question about what is and isn't real on their website. Go look up the definition of fiction of you need to.


Not real. Magic isn't real. Ghosts aren't either. Go try it for yourself.


Never been to that site but I can look in the mirror all day long and I am no better looking and my life isn't going to change. So maybe without knowing it I have played the game but nothing happens. I think if you stare at yourself in a mirror you are only looking for what is wrong. Games are supposed to be fun. This game does not sound like fun to me

Pearl L

it nnight be, ive never played it


No. Or else every woman would get a wish granted.