Why do Atheists ⚛ depend so heavily on unproven insane claims, logical fallacies, superstition, a lack of education, and lies?


Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods: Atheism has only ONE tenet

Atheism has only ONE tenet: it is the application of critical thinking, deductive reasoning, intelligence and common sense to recognize that there is absolutely no objective, empirical, incontrovertible evidence or proof to support the alleged existence of any god or gods. None. Based in that recognition there is no reason to assume that any such being exists. That's it. That's all. No fallacies. No unproven claims. No superstition. No lies. Education is the basis and foundation of the one tenet of Atheism. Now, if anyone believes that such a being does exist and that they have absolute proof that he exists, then by all means feel free to present such evidence for scientific examination and scrutiny. We'll wait.

A Nonny Mouse

Examples please. Oh, what's the point? You keep posting the same shite day in, day out without a single scrap of supporting evidence, facts, examples or anything a normal person would consider essential if they were making a claim about another person/group of people. You are a semi-literate, in-bred, mouth-breathing piece of trollshit.


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Corvus Blackthorne

Flowerchild does that routine so much more convincingly, imbecile.


If straw is all you have, then you have to clutch at straw.


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God does not exist. Can't be proved, but so what. You can't prove he does exist. Stalemate.


They don't you are confused or your brain got some comprehension problem... question like these make me think maybe if gods are real they will need to hide invisible for the shame they got for they ways some believers acts and questions they ask...Gee Zeus


I could make exactly the same claim for any faith or religion. Your point has no value.


same question to all you religious followers...but add...why do you not know the true history of your own religion and its players?..besides god


Let me explain a few things to you. Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods and is SOLELY BASED on superstition and unproven claims. Give me one unaguable peice of EVIDENCE for the existence of God. Now Religion developed as a way to explain the natural occurrences primative Man could not explain because they lacked the knowledge we have today. Religion relied heavily on Magic and Magic is only Science we don't understand yet, it stops being Magic when we understand how it works, like electricity, magnetic levitation or the Solar cycle. What is more ridiculous, that we explore the science of how our Universe works or that the most intelligent animal to ever walk on this planet still believes in a magical man in the sky? Before you make unfounded and inaccurate attacks on beliefs try actually exploring your own and the EVIDENCE against them, you are free to belive what you want but don't attack what you don't understand.


Theists are the ones who have a burden to make a case for their magical claim. Atheists only point out the fallacies made by theists in regards to "their" reasoning. We don't need "good" reasons not to believe their claims, we need "good" reasons to believe them. Nonexistence by definition leaves no evidence to share. Existence does leave evidence and theists certainly provide us with evidence but in every case it is evidence for nature or human psychology.

Obi Wan Knievel

Because stop baiting the atheists, that's why. It's not nice.


Is it possible to have a logical fallacy? Surely you have answered your own question. In fact taking your question as a whole it seems to me you are questioning religion not the lack of it.

Reynaldo Weeks

Your question seems to disappear and reappear. What's up with that? lol


God is unproven lol.


why are you talking about yourself you religious nut??


Atheists don't believe any gods exist. No logical fallacies, no claims, no lies, no superstition - just a lack of belief. I am sorry you don't understand a very basic concept.


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None of that is true about atheists, but it is all quite true about theists. You mindless believers in gods have insane unproven claims about gods; you rely upon logical fallacies; religion is just superstition and you tell absurd lies, often gravely-insulting ones about us. I have never seen any Barack who had any intelligence.


Because your smoke blowing skills r impaired


They believe in anything They’re uneducated


Where do you get this from? I think it's the other way around- theists believe in unproven, things that are absolutely paradoxical. However I'm still a theist since there's a god I worship but definitely not that god the majority of people worship. I asked myself on religion classes why should I believe a book's claims while I don't even know who wrote it? I decided from that day to throw away all my knowledge from that book and research for myself, investigate and experience with the other so-called "evil side"... I've seen a lot and gained higher understanding of things I didn't know before and yeah, I'm never going back to read that junk based on half truth. The part that makes me laugh is when that book mixes up on an epic way the devil.. Its not Lucifer but Satan. And they're 2 different beings (demons) with different tasks, hierarchy, look, voice, sentence making and even behavior.


Because, they can't counter real evidence that God is real.