Can I ask this question on this site?

I stopped using Yahoo Answers, completely, in 2017. Here we are, now, in 2019, and three weeks ago, I only just stepped back into this site, just to see what's up right now. (Two years after stopping usage). I just now discovered that, one year after I stopped coming on here, someone joined this site for the first time, and that was one year before I came back for a moment, and I discovered that, months ago, this person had blocked me. So, there was literally no way for me to have known of this person's existence, until about one hour before this question, of mine, that I'm asking, right now. And, here I am, blocked by the person. Never had ANY contact with the person at all. So, for those who have seen my questions and answers on this site before (since that's your only way to gauge me as a person), what can I do to improve as a person? Or, in some cases, is it just the other person's opinion that I'm some kind of creep? Also (and less importantly), do you think that anyone who blocked me before will ever change their minds about me, or will I forever be disliked by those people?

Anne Arkey

It's very likely the person who blocked you totally forgot about it. The person who blocked you could have changed their moniker and avatar so you don't recognize them, or they're someone's sock puppet account. You're spending way much time fretting about this. Half the time a person gets blocked because someone makes a point the asker (or another person) doesn't like and since they feel offended because it doesn't sit well in their belief system, they block someone. I'm sure all of us have been blocked by someone. I know I have and when I know who has blocked me, I also know why....they're weak cowards who don't like the truth. Unless you're a heinous troll who is constantly insulting someone, don't even be concerned about it. You're in good company :)


not nnuch you can do about it, i got blocked by sonneone recently nnyself and i cant figure out why since this person was always giving nne best answers, its weird