What makes your life worthwhile?

There are over 7.6 Billion people in the world. I often wonder what makes their life worthwhile? What’s the point of it all? What about you? What makes your life worthwhile?


As a conservative, I teach single parent minority children how to repair a/c systems so they have another option in life. I tell them that being self reliant is the greatest form of freedom on the planet. It’s a good program even if I only help one boy. Of course, that’s not my goal. I’m not sure, but even as helpful as I’m trying to be, many disagree with me. But Granddad said, it’s impossible to help someone else, without helping yourself.


Jesus and helping others


The scenery.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi in a word SEX

ravenhill the blacksmith 1043A.D

my parents, mum and dad.


well I am very sick so my life has not been worthwhile


What makes a person's life worth while is up to each and every person to find out, for himself/herself. How can you place any value on a psychopath's life, when all that he does is hurt people? What if that psycho is a head honcho of a cooperation; is his life still important if he's just a cold selfish good for nothing ***hole? What about drug dealers? Why don't they just quit because all they do is harm people right? Most people will not invent ANYTHING that improves mankind as a whole, so why do they even get out of bed each day? Because they want to. God's gift to human beings is free will(of course with consequences). Hey asker, what makes your life so important? Who are you and what do you do that's so profound and great? Do your great accomplishments effect me significantly?


Struggling to answer that question TBH

The Football God

Family. LIKE IS FLEETING, enjoy what you've got. Nothing is forever.


suicide leads to hell. so, stay alive. mark of the beast leads to hell. so, reject it. if u reject it, then ur direct ancestors will go to heaven too. forgive me.