What race are the Sammi people of Northern Europe?



human race


Human. There are no biological races in humans, it is entirely a sociological construct.

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Sammi. This is why "race" is stupid and makes no sense.


Anthropology is still debating this but it used to be thought the Sámi were an offshoot of Mongolian Asian because of linguistic similarities. But increasingly evidence is pointing to European origins and that the differences between them and mainstream Scandinavia have more to do with cultural isolation than being of a different racial group.

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Race is subjective. So it depends who is speaking about them, or from which group of people you try to build a consensus. Through haplogroup analyses they are related to peoples of all the North of Russia (Europe and Asia), Baltic peoples, and to some extent people of the rest of Scandinavia (more than with continental Europeans). Some of those haplogroups come from far in the Siberia, but it's not really something specific to the Sami. Through linguistics they are related with Hungarians but also many other indigenous languages of the North of Russia, going as far as Kamchatka.