Why don’t some people look like their race?

My daughter has a new boyfriend and brought him for dinner, all this time I thought he was a white guy until I asked if he spoke other languages he speaks several but he said Spanish is his first I asked how he said he was part Mexican but than he’s part black but not from Africa I don’t get it. I can kind of see some black cause of his lips (no offense) but this guy is super pale. He’s a great kid but I don’t get it, it took my daughter a long time to understand him when I asked her and he said it was ok to ask him questions


Have you ever looked at people in India? Ones from the north as pale as ones from England; ones from the south are very dark. Yet the same country! Why do you want to separate people? Yet you are just making and keeping Hates in yourself!


Some Mexicans are of partial or full European ancestry, as for the part black and being pale and pretty much Euro looking,,,well yes (Part) black not black, makes sense right.Mixed race people can look mostly or fully White, but the media and entertainment industry makes it seem like white mixed with other always looks like other, not true in all cases, your son in law to be is mixed race.


There are no definable races in humans. "Race" is a sociological not a biological construct. "Mexican" isn't a race it's a nationality. "African" is not a race or a nationality, it means someone from the second largest continent comprising 54 countries. People from Africa have all possible skin colours from palest to darkest and all possible lip shapes. "Black" is not a race, it is a perceived skin colour. It is no more a racial marker than hair or eye colour, height or blood group. "White" is not a race either and for the same reasons. Instead of remarking on your daughter's boyfriend's appearance, possible ancestry and lip shape, why not accept him as a human being and someone your daughter is interested in. His ancestry and lip shape are completely irrelevant unless, of course, you are a bigot.


Ok. Well. It seems that you know that he's part black because of his lips. #OkGotIt. Now then. Why doesn't he look like his race? Maybe because mexican isn't a race. Being from africa makes you african geologically, but not racially. Similarly, being descended to someone with dark skin makes you racially african, but you could be american. Being from mexico doesn't make you hispanic or latino. Your parents could be white, but moved to mexico pre-your birth. You are now caucasian-mexican. Hope this helps <3