Why have people become so brutally violent?

I remember when many young people in my decade, the 80s were violent but more as in simple positions. Back then you either fist fought or you shot somebody. They killed each other instantly. Now days, I see and hear all these gruesome tortures like cutting body parts off and setting peoples privates on fire. They're picking up ideas from these horror movies like Texas chainsaw massacre and those wrong turn movies where they didn't make movies like that until the late 90s. Now I'm hearing about these sick punishments on the news. I dont even wanna be specific. Just saying


Life imitate art and so can art imitate life. But at the same time there were serial killers and such that did some awful things way before movies did. For instance, Texas chainsaw massacre(1974) was actually highly influenced by a real serial killer back in the 1950s. He would use human body parts and skin and use them as daily appliances. The famous jack the ripper, from the 1800s did some painfully awful things. there were actually more serial killers in the 1980s than now. Though 99999.999% of people who watch horror movies won't become killers. But though there are always that 0.1% where a violent movie could peek an interest. Maybe? But something that has become much worst in America over the years is these mass shootings in schools/malls/theaters etc... Has there always been these people who commit massacres. Yes. The deadliest school massacre in America was the bath school bombing way back in 1927 killing 45. There was the a shooting called The walk of death 1949. he shot and killed 13 people. 1966 the Texas tower shooting that killed 18. Even at my dad school in 1979 Cleveland elementary, a teenage girl killed 2 and wounded 9 others. Just a county over in another Cleveland school, there was a shooting in 1989 that killed 6 and wounded over 30. In 1984 a McDonald's shooting that killed 20. So yes there were quite a few instances of mass shooters, but very few compared today. Seems like after the Columbine massacre (1999) it has been a common trend now.


People have always been brutally violent, the only difference now, is the internet. Just imagine what the Maya civilization would have looked like on the internet.


Nowadays, we get a hold on news and reports in a constant manner. Everything is published, everything is spoken of, everything is spread throughout the internet. So it's no shocker you get to know about more violent occurrences than before the era of rapid - widespread news and information. Regardless of an increase or decrease of violence - you'll get to know about it easily and almost inevitably


It's depends on the influence too. May all get these and those.