Can't a Biblical scribe write a copy of the Bible without being able to read what he he is copying?



I don't see why not. You have Christians here on this website claiming things that are in the Bible when they have not ever opened one up.

Shiksa Genius

Doesn't 'copy' mean 'reading' ????


The bible was inspired by God so yes he can write down stuff he does not fully understand. Like Moses wrote the most brilliant words on hygiene and bacteria and how to prevent the dysentery that plagued the other nations. Yet he knew nothing about either one.


Biblical scribes knew how to read. But a non-reader can copy anything if he is a pretty good artist.


Yes if the scribe is aware of the shape of all letters used in the source language and is able to duplicate (read and write) them accurately.


If you mean, could a scribe who can't read Hebrew/Greek copy Hebrew/Greek text, then sure. You'd need practice to get those Hebrew characters right though.

The Golden Poodle of Utrecht

I suppose so. A lot of people recite the Koran without being able to speak Arabic.

No Chance Without Jesus

a straight copy job is possible, but not likely


Yes, if it was written in a language that the scribe did not understand.


Then he wouldn't be copying !!!! I do understand though why you don't read what you post, It is stupid as sht :)