Does it bother non whites and anti-whites (leftists) knowing the New England Patriots won again 🖕🏻😄🖕🏻?

P.S. football and basketball were invented by white people (Walter Camp and James Naismith). White power!

Atheist Dude

New England Patriots have black players don't they.

Truth is within you

When you can see people behind their appearance you will be happier.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Where do you get the weird idea that the Patriots are all white? The Patriots are multicultural. and you're still a loser.


why what is it you are projecting from your sad life of hate


Won what?


Its all good bro. Jazz was invented by my people. So were the blues. The Stones stole that from us.


They won in one of the most boring Super Bowls ever. It is like they really did not start playing the game until the fourth quarter and they won thru dumb luck when they got an interception near the end zone.


When the Patriots won I used my retard strength to do a Schizoid Scream until I got bug eyed. I hate when the Whites win!

Slade Cutter Whips Quiet Riot



unions are evil.