Where did Jesus go to the bathroom on the cross if he had to pinch a loaf while being crucified?


The Book of David

He simply sharted his diaper. Roman soldiers cast lots for his clothes, but it was the loser who had to take them home.


Why a bathroom? Ain't nody got time for that.


The Loaf Drops Here.


He would have done like any other dead person when you die everything inside of you comes out. But you have to remember that before Jesus went to the Cross they beat him about 400 times by the time Jesus got there it was probably about as empty as you could get.

Evangilizing The Lost

You are mentality ill. Please seek help before you hurt someone.


Haven't you ever wondered why every painting of the cruci-fiction depicts Jesus with a sh!t-stain on his diaper? That explains about his bathroom needs.


He would have just shat himself. lol

† ♥ † RULES!

Why's that? Are you looking for breakfast?

Tuck, Coop, TC,

In Mary's mouth... Open up Mamma I'm Cumming...


Ask your shrink.


You are sick