Is there anything more sickening than the though that someone can earn hundreds of times more than you just for being more talented?



Doesn't sicken me at all. The question is, DO I receive a just wage. We don't want to embark on an Economics of Envy


Yes. How about people who can make hundreds of times more than you for being completely talentless? How about homeless people with really great talents that should be making hundreds of times more than me?

Fat Brian 🐄

Seeing myself naked

via logic and reason

No. Class envy is stupid and non-productive. I make money off of those more well off than me by providing a service they cannot do themselves. And guess what? Their checks CLEAR.


There are hundreds of things which are far more sickening! If someone has talent, why shouldn't they earn a lot, especially if they've also trained and practised hard to get where they are?

Frank B

Yes. All kinds of sick out there.

Truth is within you

Money will not make you happy. Can't buy me love.


Clergy raping little children is more sickening. But that's just me.


No, it's called life. If someone puts in the work to be better than me they deserve the extra money


No, if there is an honorable skill God bestowed upon someone to use..they can and can try with their efforts in earning income they desire. If God permits and it shall be. Why is that sickening if God gave them one of His gifts and increased sustenance for them? What's sickening is claiming the skills, the income and the intelligence as all yours..your own and not acknowledging God's blessings while it was God that gave you the intelligence, the skills and increased sustenance for you. That is ugly, sickening, arrogant and not humbling to be so arrogant to your own Lord. Such people never have real success with that mentality. Real success comes from God and is caused by God. God helps anyone who is striving, putting into effort and thanking Him for what they do have. Those who thank Him, God increases something for them. Such people who are arrogant, self-absorbed fail and God will cause their downfall at some point. God has already caused such man before to his downfall literally and the earth swallowed him along with those like him and his wealth, his possessions in the earth. Not only was he so arrogant in boasting off about the things that didn't technically belong to him..he had the audacity to physically show it off and basically saying he doesn't acknowledge God and that it was his intelligence for his success the reason for his wealth. For that, God caused his downfall..quite literally and he was never to be heard from again as a lesson for generations. Those that do not humble themselves and take upon dirty income through dishonorable ways, are impure. Their income, their possessions and themselves are impure. One day can run into complications or face consequences that may be hard to repair and may be too late. They will also face God one day about their dealings and those who sought people's attention for money more than God. They'll have their day.

ღAmayAღ (Pond)

As long as I'm alright, and not starving, I don't really care. Let famous people be famous! I've got no urge to be, personally.


Yeah, that my sister can earn a lot more than I can.


There sure is.


For me will be more sickening the thought that someone less talented can earn hundreds of times more than many more talented people just because of their last names and their family social status...

Shiksa Genius

I don't give even half-a-**** about it. Lots of money makes dying lots harder.

No Chance Without Jesus happy for them. And talent doesn't get you there, it takes hard work and determination



Spirit of Some

Seeing Fat Brian naked.

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Death cap mushrooms.


Nah. What irks me is someone earning tens of thousands more than me just because their dad had money. The US hasn't been a meritocracy for quite some time.