Religion and spirituality. what sin causes the most financial damage to society?

I'm asking for your opinion. What sin or negative behavior if you don't believe in God and sin? Causes the most financial damage to the people of society.

Anne Arkey

Sloth. The reluctance to work and laziness are costing society a fortune.


Hate. Hate is now causing more problems then anything else.


It can't be limited to just one thing. Here I only mentioned three things. In combinatiion they have cause much financial damage to society. GREED. The desire to get rich isn't a bad thing from an economic standpoint. I'd even go so far as to say that it's necessary to fuel economic growth. But greed becomes bad when it's taken to the extreme. And that's what happened in the lead-up to the crisis. Homeowners wanted to get rich quick by flipping real estate. Mortgage originators went to great lengths, legal and otherwise, to maximize loan volumes. Home appraisers did the same. Bankers were paid absurd amounts of money to securitize toxic subprime mortgages. Rating agencies raked in profits by classifying otherwise toxic securities as investment-grade. Regulators were focused on getting a bigger paycheck in the private sector. And politicians sought to gain popularity by forcing banks to lend money to their un-creditworthy constituents. FRAUD. While very few financiers have been prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis, don't interpret that to mean that they didn't commit fraud. Indeed, the evidence is overwhelming that firms up and down Wall Street knowingly securitized and sold toxic mortgage-backed securities to institutional investors, including insurance companies, pension funds, university endowments, and sovereign wealth funds, among others. POLITICS. Since the 1980s, bankers and politicians have formed an uneasy alliance. By conditioning the approval of bank mergers on the Community Reinvestment Act, politicians from both sides of the aisle have effectively blackmailed banks into providing loans to un-creditworthy borrowers. While banks and institutional investors absorbed the risks, politicians trumpeted their role in expanding the American dream of homeownership.

Chi girl

Gluttony. It leads to high blood pressure/stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer -- and drives up the cost of health insurance.




Over- taxation.


People not VOTING their conscience. I know a LOT of people that hated Hillary but didn't decide to vote until Trump gave them an option. That is wrong.

David at Your Service: Lying (Rev 21

Lying (Rev 21:8). A lot of other sins are fundamentally based on a lie or lies. I recall Ted Koppel interviewing a Chinese businessman who obtained a business degree in the US. He was asked if China would ever rival America as an economic superpower. He answered no, explaining that contracts and contract laws don't mean anything if the people entering into them are intentionally lying, something he said was a lot more common in China compared to America. Look at the financial damage done to Theranos investors. The company was all based on lies about their blood testing products.


A sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can lead to massive health care costs in later years. That's one of the biggies especially in the USA.


Do you know what a sin really is?

Kathy Smith



Without me talking all day and giving some kind of a lecture. I'm going to answer this question straightforward! Deviant sexual practices, sexual practices outside of marriage, irresponsible sexual practices within the bounds of marriage that result in more children then you can care for financially! sexual practices where you have to run to the free clinic that's supported by our tax money!

Matthew T

Rejecting God causes the most damage in every category.

Truth is within you

God gives us everything we ever need. Believing that is not true causes your poverty.

No Chance Without Jesus