Signs from GOD YOUR soulmate's on the way in the near future?



There's no such thing as a soulmate - or God.


There is no such thing as a soul mate. Try reading your bible. Pick out all the “soul” mates. Women didn’t get a choice on who they married. Their fathers set that up. Love resulted from it over time. And even if there were, God doesn’t work that way. You go out there, meet people.. Use common sense.. “Would God want me with a non-believer? A Christian who justifies immortality? Sex before marriage?” He has a hand book to answer these questions.. Once you find someone you love that meets all the criteria, if they love you back.. Marry them.


Go to god's website,

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No such signs, because gods exist only in fantasy. On soulmates and how to find them you can read here:

Truth is within you

Work on yourself turning fear to love and false ideas to truth with God's help. That will expedite your mate to you and make you happier as well.


I’d like to know too

No Chance Without Jesus

the only one I ever got was the the "wait" sign. But she came,


There aren't any, God doesn't work that way.