Is it because of the Tower of Babel that some people speak Spanish?



Bizarre religious myths have no impact on language. Rolls eyes


The language referred to today as Spanish is gotten from a vernacular of spoken Latin that advanced in the north-focal part of the Iberian Peninsula after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century...Modern Spanish goes back to about the 15th century, not any Tower of Babel around

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Yes, but not directly. It appears that one of the languages from that ancient event was some sort of "Indo-European" language, which eventually morphed into Germanic, Romance and other languages. Spanish is a Romance language.

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Maybe, but when you think about it, Babel was not even near spain at any time. And it seems much more plausible that some people speak spanish, because they were in spain.

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It is also why some DON'T -- sorry, the logic training


Most likely, the Tower of Babel is a story of breakdown in communication, and not the origin of languages.


The logic difficulty is that ONE CAUSE can have many effects and one effect almost always has a confluence of causes.

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The Tower of Babel was the first establishment of a religion to replace revelation and the confusion of the languages led to the many different religions as each language speaking people followed their own paths.


I think the Tower of Babel is still ongoing today, even while most people in the world are able to speak at least some English.... Why? Because even 2 from the same country, same region even, often fail to understand each other regardless of efforts to communicate clearly.


Nobody knows what the new languages were that God inflicted the tower-builders with. All we know is that the variety of new languages utterly confounded their attempts to continue building that tower. We do know that languages evolve over the centuries, so that modern Spanish is not exactly the same as the most ancient form of Spanish recorded. However, Babel marked a hugely significant point in humanity's existence. Whereas they were united and had one common language, banding together against God, the action God took thwarted their efforts - they were confounded and scattered all over the globe, in their language groupings.


It's because of the tower of Babel that we have the diversity of language that we have today

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Yes, (Genesis 11.1–9) explains the origin of the story of the Tower of Babel which explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages.