What do atheists & Christians say, did you watch Foot ball last night?



I didn't bother watching it. I wrote this on another question yesterday eight hours before the game: . The NFL is rigged. The patriots are guaranteed to win since they all want to sell this "greatest of all time" stupidity. Brady will get ring number 6, and Belichick will get ring number 6 now that he is 66, for your 666 (the world loves to throw in a 666 wherever they can). Also one team always wins three super bowls per decade (Steelers in the 70's, 49ers in the 80's, Cowboys in the 90's, Patriots in the 00's, and now Patriots in the 10's). The whole thing is a farce, and it's a joke, and they're laughing at you for believing that it is real. Patriots cannot lose this rigged game.


not a big fan of men in tights playing with balls ..

Dogstar Ascendant

I watched the Man City v Arsenal match but that was in the morning.


I say YES


Nope. I never watch sports on TV. Sports are, for me, something you DO, not something you watch sitting at home with a beer gut.


I didn't.

Jim V

The best part of football last night was Gladys Knight. It went downhill from there.

Truth is within you

For a while in the gym. Boring. Sounds like the halftime entertainment followed the pattern.


What has that to do with religion? I'm an atheist and I never watch football on TV - or anywhere else.


Because they want to know if you watched football last night.

The Book of David

I do not venerate sportsball. So which tribe has God blessed with his favor this year, and which has gone down in disgrace?

No Chance Without Atheists

Nope. I'm not American so I don't give a damn. Although I did watch some of the ads online. The Game of Thrones one to be specific.


I am curious how watching a football game has anything to do with religion.

Christian sinner

I did. And it was a very defensive game. I suppose anyone who enjoyed watching the game would have to have an appreciation of the defensive skill on both sides of the ball. I didn't get a sense that either team had the greatest offense ever. And which team winning the most amount of Superbowls is just worthless information. Those teams in no way resemble the teams of the past, even if their uniforms suggest otherwise. I would have wanted a higher score, but the worst thing about the game is they had to show that NFL commissioner, who I think is the worst person to be associated with the NFL at this time.


NO but hubby did...he went out down the road to see his friends for awhile.